Growing a green church

by Hollis Hiscock

St. James Fergus has a community garden and a butterfly garden where worship services are held. Sue Carson presented silver accreditation to Green Team members Duane Pickle, Facilitator Dave Roberts, Jack Watson, Rod Irving and Earl Macdonald. Photo: Caroline Macdonald

Caring for creation is an important part of who we are as a faith community, wrote Sue Carson, Chair of Greening Niagara, in her annual report to Niagara Synod.

Last year was the third and final year for parishes to have applied for a Green Audit and follow up sustainable capital improvement grants. In 2016 four parishes completed a Green Audit and three parishes received sustainable capital improvement grants. Since 2013, eleven parishes completed green audits with nine applying for sustainability grants.

Five parishes received Green Parish Awards in 2016, bringing the total to 46 bronze, 17 silver and 4 gold accreditations.

Over Greening Niagara’s eight year history, nearly 60 parishes appointed Green Facilitators.

The Niagara Home Challenge was slightly updated and is available on their web site.

In another release, Sue congratulated all parishes “for the work they are doing to ensure that our diocese is making a difference in lowering our environmental footprint.”

Some green team members at St. James Dundas check over the requirements of what should be recycled in their blue bins. Photo: submitted by Sue Carson
St. Mark’s Orangeville has a permanent table of gently used items which parishioners can add to for others to purchase. The parish received their bronze certificate for upgrades, including a steel roof and tankless water heater. Photo: Sue Carson