A Snapshot of Christmas Happenings


Tree sale
For the past 39 years, St. Cuthbert’s Oakville has been selling Christmas trees to decorate the homes of many satisfied customers and as a fund raiser to support their parish ministries. What started as a small seed venture has blossomed into a major operation; this year the parish once again imported 600 trees from Nova Scotia. Photo: Lydia Rice


Stoney Creek anniversary
The Church of Our Saviour The Redeemer Stoney Creek capped their 140th anniversary on December 31st. Most parishioners, including the anniversary committee (pictured here), marked the occasion by dressing in period attire. Photo: Submitted


Meagan and Mark
In preparation for Christmas, mezzo-soprano Meagan Zantingh and organist Mark McDonald performed an assortment of European carols and Christmas music during an afternoon concert at St. John’s Jordan. Photo: Brenda Lane


Three year old Paisley DeCock waited patiently for her communion wafer at the Christmas Pageant in Christ Church Woodburn. Photo: Judy Gurman


ugly sweater
Janet Vachon and Owen Hamilton won the ugly Christmas sweater contest which was held as part of the Christmas Pageant at The Church of Our Saviour The Redeemer Stoney Creek. Photo: Bev Groombridge