Cathedral getting upgrades

Niagara’s Christ’s Church Cathedral in Hamilton is in the midst of an extensive upgrade and cleaning, with the possibility of a painting facelift.

According to Cathedral Place Manager Derek Smith, “Work to be done is the LED light replacement, upgrades to the emergency lighting and heat detector at the highest point of the chancel.”

Cathedral 3
The mammoth scaffolding which enclosed the whole chancel of the Cathedral to allow lighting and safety system upgrades and repair work on the ceiling. Photo: Hollis Hiscock

He went on to explain needed repairs will follow an inspection of all the upper plaster work. “The entire Chancel will be cleaned, and depending on cost of the plaster repairs, painting the chancel is a possibility.”

“There is also work to the organ pipes and cleaning to be done by Cassavant.” Derek concluded.

Cathedral 2
While high up on the scaffolding, Cathedral Place Manager Derek Smith took advantage of the height to snap a photo showing the space worshippers will occupy during the Cathedral’s makeover. Photo: Derek Smith