Facility to meet the needs of church and community

In June, the ground was broken to begin construction of the facility which will eventually house the parish of All Saints Hamilton. Parishioners, as well as representatives from Niagara Diocese and the project’s developer, attended the historic event. 

The new fully accessible church unit is being constructed for the congregation of All Saints as part of a multi-story condominium complex situated at 15 Queen Street South. 

All saints Hamilton Susan Ronda IMG_8154
Parishioners from All Saints Hamilton joined Bishop Susan and Rector Ronda Ploughman for the ground-breaking ceremony for the facility which will house space for the church and community. Photo: Bill Mous

The multi-purpose space will also meet the needs of the church and community in ways that are much more consistent with ministry in the 21st century. 

Consistent with the trend toward mixed-use neighbourhoods, the church exterior will be reminiscent of a storefront, showcasing the work of local artists and providing a valuable community asset for our ministry and the work of our community partners.

Nearly two decades ago All Saints Church was damaged in an earthquake. 

In 2009 ongoing structural and safety issues forced the congregation to find a temporary meeting space, as it worked towards a redevelopment of the property that included permanent meeting and worship space.