A Big Dig starts at 
St. Matthew’s House

 on January 7, 2021

The first phase of the first #GreenMyCity project got underway in November at St. Matthew’s House – with big machinery doing some very big digging. 

St. Matthew’s House has been chosen by the Green Cities Foundation to be their first project in Hamilton. Initial work was focused on the children’s playground and included planting trees, removing the current raised AstroTurf area and an old tree stump, as well as creating a temporary play area with mulch and wooden logs. Sod was also laid, and a new berm area was mulched to start the work on the parking lot transformation.

When completed by spring 2021, the transformative #GreenMyCity project will create healthy, sustainable green space complete with a new green playground, log structures, creative and active spaces, community gathering spaces and greenery. 

The Big Dig is the first step towards realizing this vision, consistent with the mission of St. Matthew’s House to be a place of hope for people in Hamilton and beyond.

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