• Martha Tatarnic

    The Reverend Canon Martha Tatarnic is the rector of St. George’s, St. Catharines. Her second book, Why Gather? The Hope & Promise of the Church, will be published in June 2022 by Church Publishing, and will be available at The Living Diet is also available through Amazon, Church Publishing and the author.


The Minesing Swamp

Our awesome friend Jeff used to help my husband Dan and me lead youth group canoe trips when we were serving at churches in the

Revive, Part 1: Practising Christians

Often, there are tools at our disposal that help us in our ministry context. Yet, we may not always be familiar with them, know how

A Reflection on Living and Dying Well

I met Tanya Kuzmanovic when I was a new ordinand, just starting out in ministry at St. Jude’s in Oakville, and she was a new

Are You Still Running?

I understand where the question comes from. People want to make conversation. We look for points of contact, things that we know about one another,

We All Come from the Same Place

A few years ago, I topped off my three-month sabbatical with a trip to Elliot Lake to visit my Aunt Linda and Uncle Murray. We

Photo of Bruce

The Faith of the Squiggling Puppy

Our little puppy Bruce needs to be carried down the stairs every morning for his first outside of the day. He finds this almost unbearably

I’ve Been There Too

As some of our readers know, I began receiving ministry coaching in the fall of 2020 from the Very Reverend Peter Elliott, retired dean of

Celebrity Break-Ups & The Body of Christ

My daughter and I had been watching the Instagram feed of one celebrity couple over the holidays, hoping for an engagement. Instead, they broke up

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Why Is Change So Hard?

I recently signed on to a coaching relationship with Peter Elliott, retired Dean of the cathedral in Vancouver, a person I have respected very much

This Is a Spiritual Crisis

A few years ago, I was part of a delegation of both Indigenous and non-Indigenous Anglican leaders who made their way to Pinawa, Manitoba for

Am I Cut Out For This?

I have long considered myself to be a borderline extrovert. Although I am naturally quiet, I feel energized by my leadership in the church — crowded services,

God or Science?

I sat down with Owen and David, members of my parish, on a Tuesday night. I needed to hear from two scientists about their thoughts

All of Me

About twenty of us sat around a circle on our first Tuesday evening of our Anglicanism 101 class. The question that we asked each person

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