• Daniel Tatarnic

    The Reverend Dr. Daniel Tatarnic is priest-in-charge at St. Alban's, Beamsville.


gravestone with family name Tatarniuk

We Remember

My gut wrenched when I saw the first images out of Kyiv. A sadness and deep gloom. Then a surge of energy. And then remembrance.

Building a Mystery: The New Normal

It seems like it was only yesterday that Sarah McLachlan’s song, Building a Mystery, topped the summer charts. In fact, it was 1997. I was

Late Have I Loved You: On Beauty

Two years ago, I visited the Italian city of Ravenna, the world’s most significant region for mosaic icons of the Byzantine era. Ravenna is also

The Blood of Martyrs: On [leadership]

“If you want to follow Jesus, you had better look good on wood” Martha and I finished watching the Netflix documentary, “Challenger: The Final Flight”.

How Do you Like Your Coffee?

A few years ago, a member of a successful church in our community tried enticing me to visit on Sunday morning. For obvious reasons, I

Let Your Saint Choose You

My thesis director gave me a good piece of advice, “Pray your way through your research.” It was the beginning of a prayer that would

Virtual or Real Presence?

“When Jesus was at table with them, he took bread blessed it and broke it, and gave it to them. And their eyes were opened

What The Hell?

It was one of those November mornings when the thought of being in bed was more desirable than driving into Hamilton. My dark morning commute

Free speech in the church: a baptismal manifesto

The Christian tradition is grounded in Word-made-flesh. Words — spoken words, written words, sculpted words, acted-on-the-stage words, symphonic words, painted words. A picture is worth a thousand

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