• Michael Coren


    The Reverend Michael Coren is the author of 18 books, several of them best-sellers, translated into a dozen languages. He hosted daily radio and TV shows for almost 20 years, and is now a Contributing Columnist for the Toronto Star, and appears regularly in the Globe and Mail, The Walrus, ipolitics, CBC, TVOntario, The New Statesman, and numerous other publications in Canada and Britain. He has won numerous award and prizes across North America. He is a priest at St. Luke’s, Burlington, and also priest-in-charge at St. Elizabeth's, Burlington. His latest book is The Rebel Christ.


Russia, Ukraine, and the Church

The obscene war in Ukraine provided the opportunity for some people to write a lot of nonsense about the religiosity of modern Russia, and about

Man and Child Walking Near Bushes during Daytime

The Gospel of a Life Lived in Love

There was good news from Ottawa in February. Long pause. No, it had nothing to do with protests or convoys, hysteria and shouting. A new

A Matter of Faith

Let us say grace, as it were. The 60s are beguiling. I don’t mean the 1960s. I was born in 1959 and couldn’t say “permissive

I Gave In

In late October 2021, in our very own Christ’s Church Cathedral in Hamilton, I was ordained a priest. I’d been made a deacon two years

When Conservatisms Collide

While nobody ever thought they’d be a serious contender for government, the People’s Party of Canada made a definite impression in the recent election. They

The Infinitely Important Rebel

I had a new book published recently, entitled The Rebel Christ. Provocative? I certainly hope so! Because its starting point is a question, based on a

Obscuring the Face of Christ

The devil, it’s said, has all the best tunes. Not sure if that’s necessarily true, but Beelzebub certainly has an exemplary public relations department. How

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Empathy: The Great Virtue

In recent months, churches in Canada have been attacked, some of them destroyed. Most have been Roman Catholic, but some were Anglican. This has all

A Contemporary Grief Observed

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to people considering mortality in a way they’ve seldom done before, which makes the timing of Richard Coles’ new book,

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Abiding with Jesus

When I was a small boy, I spent a great deal of time with my grandpa. He was nothing special to most people but everything

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