on March 31, 2017

1 Samuel 25

Taking responsibility and humbling ourselves is often seen as weakness.

Abigail, described as one of the four most beautiful women ever, was wise, upright and righteous.

Her very wealthy husband, Nabal, disrespected and insulted David, who in a state of fury strapped on his sword, took 400 warriors and set out to kill Nabal and the men in his household.

Abigail had nothing to do with insulting David or refusing him food, yet she knelt before him and took all the blame herself. It takes a strong person to forget oneself and think only of the best for others.

She did not protect herself but made herself vulnerable. Choosing her words wisely she appealed to the best in David, diffusing his anger and saving him from committing a massacre.

During Lent we think of Christ’s willingness to do the same.

He humbled himself and took the blame for all mankind, offering no defence, facing mighty opposition, and thinking only of us.

That does not sound like weakness, but courage.

We need more courage.

Carol Summers, Cayuga.

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