Bishop Condemns Hamilton Hate Attack

 on September 3, 2021

In July, Bishop Susan Bell expressed shock and deep disappointment at the news that Hamilton Police were investigating a hate crime, after a mother and daughter were nearly struck by a vehicle at an Ancaster plaza while death threats and racism slurs targeting the Muslim community were uttered. 

“My heart and my prayers go out to the family at the centre of this attack, and to our Muslim siblings in Hamilton and beyond,” said Bishop Susan Bell. “What we have witnessed in our community is abhorrent; violence, hatred, and Islamophobia are never acceptable and have no place in our communities.”

In condemning this violent and disgraceful attack, the bishop invited prayers and solidarity with the local Muslim community, and that the people of the diocese bear witness to God’s great commandment to love our neighbours.

“We are a people of faith in Niagara called to life and compelled to love, a people who are called to challenge violence of every kind.” 

This attack comes after another violent, hate-fuelled attack in nearby London, Ontario in which four people were intentionally hit and killed with a vehicle, targeted because of their Islamic faith.

The Diocese of Niagara, alongside the wider Anglican Church of Canada, is committed to dismantling racism, acts of hatred, and culturally and religiously motivated hate, in all their forms, including Islamophobia. 

“We are committed to challenging Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, and all forms of hate in our community,” said Bishop Susan Bell. “Please join me in offering prayers for a world where the fullness of God’s love reigns in all our relationships.”

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