Bishop’s Company Returns In Person

 on November 20, 2023

The Bishop’s Company returned to in-person events with a fall brunch at the Liuna Station in downtown Hamilton. Bishop Susan Bell passionately spoke about the diocesan feasibility study and the potential for a capital campaign, and the possibilities that such a campaign would realize. The bishop focused on the resourcing of parishes and missions to support their Mission Action Plan initiatives. The potential capital campaign would also support other major projects and initiatives, such as the creation of an endowment fund to provide for lay and ordained missional leadership, fostering Indigenous healing and reconciliation initiatives, and major one-time gifts to St. Matthew’s House, Canterbury Hills, and Christ’s Church Cathedral.

The Bishop’s Company is a group of members dedicated to providing resources to allow the bishop, on behalf of the Bishop’s Company membership and other donors, to respond compassionately and strategically to the emergent needs of our diocesan leaders. Also, it allows the bishop to respond to the needs of fellow siblings in Christ within our diocese and beyond.

Since the Bishop Company’s inception, the many members have provided generously and compassionately through the Bishop’s Company Endowment Fund. Each year, individuals or couples are invited to renew their membership. New memberships are also encouraged by registering online at register. Donations towards the Bishop’s Company Fund are also welcomed at any time and can be completed online at donate?d=BishopsCompany.

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