Diocesan editors attend annual conference

The Anglican Editors Association held it 29th annual conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They posed in front of the sign outside the Cathedral, welcoming them to the diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Photo: Paul Sherwood
 on August 30, 2018

The top ten tips to make the printed word more effective in the social media world was one of several educational sessions offered as part of the Anglican Editors Association (AEA) conference held this year in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and hosted by the diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) and how editors should cover stories of families and caregivers occupied an extended panel presentation. Writers need to say what is happening from a caring, supportive and sensitive perspective, suggested the doctors and chaplains on the panel.

The editors also received a preliminary report and update from the working group on publications, especially the Anglican Journal and indirectly diocesan papers. See more in my HOLLIStorial.

Over 20 editors and staff, as well as representatives from PWRDF and the Anglican Foundation, attended the four-day conference – the 29th in its history. Niagara Diocese hosted the 25th anniversary conference

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