Do at least “one thing” before November

 on April 9, 2019

Hollis Hiscock

“Try out at least ‘one thing’ that will help you grow as a disciple of Christ between now and our synod in November,” is the invitation sent to the people of Niagara Diocese from Bishop Susan.

She suggested it could be to read a spiritually inspiring book, learn a new spiritual practice, attend a silent retreat or launch a parish-wide program. “Whatever you choose, I hope it will be a practice that is new for you, and something that is spiritually invigorating.” 

Following the example of Jesus, she recommended dedicating some priority time to, “reconnect anew with God’s love,” away from the busy crowds of life. 

Everyone who participates will be invited to complete an intention card so that we can gauge the ways in which the Spirit is renewing us in faith, continued Bishop Susan.

One Thing information about events, stories and videos should be available on the web ( or with the One Thing Facebook group.

The Reverend Michael Deed is the Chairperson of the One Thing Invitation with the Reverend Canon Dawn Davis providing staff backup.

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