on March 29, 2017

Book of Esther

Every great story has a tag line and this one jumps right out of another well-known story: “Who is the fairest of them all?”

During the Jewish Diaspora in Persia, after an extensive search King Ahasuerus chooses Esther because she is the most beautiful girl in his empire.

An interesting turn of events ensues—she is Jewish, one who was not ever to be chosen, destined or cherished, but one to be ignored at best, despised or even exterminated.

Yet, King Ahasuerus grows to love her for whom she is, although he doesn’t know her birthright.

At the time of the plotted extinction of the Jews, Queen Esther reveals who she really is for the sake of her people, and is loved and respected by all, especially

King Ahasuerus and the King of Heaven.

Who is fairest?

Esther, for her courage and her belief in God.

The story of Queen Esther is a wonderful diaspora story and the basis for the annual Jewish festival of Purim.

Janice Maloney-Brooks, Hamilton.

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