God’s Promise

 on June 1, 2019

Cathy Jeanes 

Across the vast expansive sky,

making its way in colours fly —

rose, golden, green and violet.

Arching its hue in feline stretch,

above the trees,

against the clouds.

Rain and sunbeam joining hands-

to celebrate the season change.

Molding land to sky above —

dance with the Creator — the message, Love.

Across the years in time and space,

making our way in peace and grace.

Poised on the rim of firmament-

stretching our minds in endless search-

above the earth’s 

vast stratosphere-

God with man, made manifold,

to strengthen souls with faith untold.

Molding man to realms above —

dance with the Creator-the message, Love.


Cathy Jeanes is a member of St. Matthew on-the-Plains Burlington.


Rebecca Clifford

last night I wanted to wake you

  wake you

to tell of the stunning sapphire butterfly 

resting on the squash leaves, the

sunglow blossoms

  flexing flexing flexing wings 

I wanted to 

but it was dark

and His sapphire wouldn’t have been as glorious

outside my dream


Rebecca Clifford lives in Caledonia

The Editor welcomes poems appropriate for publication in the Niagara Anglican.

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