Inspections every ten years

 on January 31, 2018

BDIC—The Bishop’s Decennial Inspection Committee —schedules and monitors the inspection and reporting of the physical structure, fabric, systems, grounds and cemeteries of all Anglican Church properties within the Diocese on a rotating 10 year cycle, wrote Committee Chair Terry Charters.

Inspection documents are reviewed by BDIC to ensure they meet the requirements of the terms of reference. When requested, the committee assists parishes in developing action plans for completion of critical items on the inspection report.

Likewise, the committee conducts structural reviews on vacant diocesan buildings and provides advice on any other building related issues.

At the time of writing his Synod report, Terry confirmed two decennial inspections were completed and seven more due in 2017. In addition, three inspections are overdue from previous years, with five coming due in 2018.

“It is the hope of the committee to become more of a resource to the parishes in working through the inspection process and in dealing with identified repair items,” concluded the Chair.

Terry Charters is Chair of The Bishop’s Decennial Inspection Committee.

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