Jezebel – the icon of evil

 on April 6, 2017

Jezebel – the icon of evil
1 Kings 16-22 (read ch. 21)

Jezebel, daughter of Ethbaal of Tyre, was a Phoenician princess who married Ahab, King of Israel, to create a political alliance.

Ahab became very evil, thanks partly to his willful, domineering, manipulative wife.

Jezebel, a Baal worshipper, was greedy and ruthless; she always got what she wanted, no matter who stood in her way.

Jezebel and Ahab angered God when they refused to worship him, and murdered all his prophets, except Elijah.

Elijah demonstrated Israel’s God was supreme.

After 22 years on the throne, Ahab was killed in battle. Jezebel died a horrible death as well, when servants threw her from a palace window. Elijah predicted both deaths.

Jezebel, definitely not a good role model, reminds us that the extremes of self-serving behavior are sins against God.

We know better.

God loves and always care for us.

We promise to love God and our neighbours.

Many evils exist in our broken world and God sustains us to overcome them.

By spreading the message of love, we are working with Jesus to promote peace and harmony.

Nancy McBride, Caledonia.

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