Judith (Apocrypha)

 on April 12, 2017

Judith (Apocrypha)
Judith 8:9-27

What an introduction!

We wait seven chapters to meet our title character, but she certainly doesn’t disappoint.

From moment one, we know that Judith is someone special. Not only does she have the social standing and verbosity to speak with the town elders, but they actually listen to her!

We should too.

How often do we act as these elders did? We put God to the test, on a deadline.

We try to barter—“Do X for me, and I’ll do Y for you.”

We convince ourselves that our plan is God’s plan, and demand that God conform to our timeline.

Judith tells us how very wrong we are; “Who are you that have put God to the test … and are setting yourselves up in the place of God …?” She reminds us that God doesn’t bend to our will. Expecting that is to break the first Commandment.

How do you place yourself above God?

Do you need to let go?

Have you gotten ahead of God?

In what way is God asking you to wait?

Karina Carr, St. Catharines.

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