Lent, Lockdown and Landscapes: A Living Opportunity

 on February 27, 2021

Living through the latest lockdown has many of us carrying a weight much heavier than last year’s stay-at-home orders. I mean this quite literally and figuratively! 

For me, Lent 2021 presents itself as a living opportunity to be more intentional about nurturing my faith and well-being and to delve deeper into some of the ancient spiritual practices of our forbearers because of how they imbue self-examination and introspection. Most can be practiced in the comfort of a quiet space at home. I realize that some of our homes may not be as quiet as others so perhaps including family members in a new prayer practice or Bible study could enable connection with each other and God. 

There are a myriad of tools and resources (for all ages) online to help guide you through the cold winter days of Lent. The key is to find a discipline that works for you, then stick with it until it becomes part of the rhythm of your days. Or perhaps switch it up each week and experiment with a practice you’ve never tried. You may be surprised at a powerful experience of God, or a particular grace, or change in your perception over the course of Lent. 

Whatever spiritual disciplines you put into place, remember to be gentle with yourself. We’re all navigating a storm that still clings to the horizon and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Let’s try to ride the waves as best we can, supporting and encouraging one another through the rough waters. May you be led in love and mercy by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Lent Resources to Give a Go! 

An extensive list of Anglican resources from across the country: anglican.ca/resources/lent2021

Explore the world of Ignatian prayer and spirituality: ignatianspirituality.com/lent

Artwork and scripture come together in a form of visio divina: thevcs.org

Join the brothers of SSJE each week of Lent: www.ssje.org/comepray

For the Love of Creation: fortheloveofcreation.ca

For something lighthearted, Lent Madness: lentmadness.org

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