Mary Magdalene

 on March 28, 2017

Mary Magdalene
Matthew 27:57-61

To me, one of Jesus’ foremost converts was Mary Magdalene.

No other disciple is mentioned more by name than she.

Mary followed Jesus right up to and after his crucifixion.

The town of Magdala, from where she came, was on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee.

She is never referred to as the wife or mother of anyone, indicating perhaps she was neither. As well, she was in control of her own property and had resources.

We do not actually read in the gospels where she met Jesus, but two mention that she had demons cast out of her, presumably by Jesus.

She is often depicted as a prostitute, but there is no evidence in the Bible to confirm this.

She showed a great devotion to Jesus. She supported him at his crucifixion and she was the first to see him after the resurrection. All four gospels describe her taking spices to his tomb.

To me this makes Mary Magdalene the paramount of Jesus’ apostles.

Sue Crawford, Hamilton.

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