Matthew 5:31-32 – Teaching about divorce

 on March 7, 2018

“I hate divorce, says the Lord” (Mal. 2:16) because it tears apart what should be a permanent union created in love.

Yet by most accounts divorce was just as high in Jesus’ time as now, running at 40% with some Pharisaic rabbis such as Hillel allowing divorce on mundane grounds, including “she spoiled a dish for him”.

We too give the weakest allowances for divorce.

Marriage is a covenant between two people before God, and like all such covenants, requires work – a lot of work.

I continually work at putting the same amount and type of effort into the relationship with my wife as I do with my being a disciple of Christ – both at times being a real challenge.

As a disciple, I firmly believe Jesus desires us to take our marriage covenant so sacredly that it should never be broken, except when under the most extreme duress.

To remain committed in action, words, thoughts, emotions and priorities is for us to experience the fullness of relationship that God has designed for us to experience.

The Reverend Deacon Heino Claessens,
St. Albans Glen Williams.

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