Matthew 6:22-23 – Vision

 on March 20, 2018

Healthy vision is highly prized among our other senses.

We depend on our eyes for our wellbeing and our activities. Light enters our eyes so that we see clearly what we need to do. Life without sight can be difficult.

In a spiritual sense, our eyes give light rather than receive it. By showing our light, we demonstrate our faith.

There are many metaphors about the human eye: the lamp of the body, the window on the soul, the conscience or the moral compass by which we act.

When we see with good eyes, our light is generous, offered freely, purposefully and persistently in service to God and our neighbours.

Those who live with an evil eye act from a place of darkness. Intolerant, hateful and destructive, they value self over others and show no light to the world. They deprive themselves of the sheer joy of walking in the light of Christ.

We need no other light than our faith and our trust in God. He loves us and will never leave us alone to lose our way.

The Reverend Deacon Nancy McBride 
St. Paul’s Caledonia.

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