New development to meet needs of downtown

All Saints Hamilton
 on September 22, 2016

A new, fully accessible 6,000 square foot church unit will be constructed for the congregation of All Saints as part of a multi-story condominium complex situated at 15 Queen Street South, Hamilton.

In August the derelict church and its associated buildings were demolished to make way for the new facility.

“After almost a decade, All Saints is thrilled to be returning ‘home’ to continue the legacy of ministry that has taken place on that corner for more than 140 years,” said Rector Ronda Ploughman. “Although there are many wonderful memories connected to the old building, safety issues prevented us from staying there. The new space meets the needs of the church and community in ways that are much more consistent with ministry in the 21st century.”

Nearly two decades ago All Saints Church was damaged in an earthquake and in 2009 ongoing structural and safety issues forced the congregation to find temporary meeting space. Since then Niagara Diocese, on behalf of All Saints, has entered into an agreement with Hamilton-based Rise Real Estate to redevelop the property into a new fully accessible church development that will include permanent meeting and worship space.

Consistent with the trend toward mixed-use neighbourhoods, the church exterior will be reminiscent of a storefront, showcasing the work of local artists and community partners and because of its multi-use character will be a valuable resource for its ministries and the community.

Efforts to preserve the heritage of the former church are being undertaken. The altar, stone font, bell and church cornerstones will be incorporated into the new church unit. Steps are also being taken to retain some of the limestone bricks, which will be carved and sold by a local artist.

The congregation, long divested from the property, will honour its past, mourn the loss of the church and celebrate its renewal at a future event.

(Based on a press release from Niagara Diocese)


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