Niagara Anglican – vibrant with good news

 on March 30, 2017

As I finished reading the February 2017 paper, I thought “Wow!” This is a wonderful example of what the Niagara Anglican should be!

I thought what a wonderful change from a few years ago, when it seemed the content consisted mainly of articles dealing with the contentious homosexual issue, and passionate letters both pro and con.

Thankfully, at some point, our readers and editorial staff agreed a different emphasis must be taken.

The February edition proves this has been accomplished as the content was interesting, informative and many were celebratory: above all it contained good news messages that were spiritually stimulating.

Celebratory articles included … “Cows and goats, dreams do come true”; the ordination of Deacon Dean Cormack: “Two languages one church”; St. John’s Ancaster’s bicentennial celebration; St. Michael’s 60th patronal festival and “It happened at Christmas, a roundup of celebrations around the Diocese”.

Several were quite helpful, especially the update regarding bikes for farm workers. It reminded me I have three in our barn to donate.

The article, putting a human face on the issue of assisted dying, was very helpful and timely as it represents a new challenge for us.

Similarly, “Change or atrophy: today’s choice” challenged us to consider what a new era of Christianity might require of us Christians.

I wish to express my delight that the Niagara Anglican is once again vibrant and brings many messages of caring and good news.

Bruce Whitehouse
Niagara on the Lake

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