No changes to assessment practice for now

Photo: Rob Park
 on January 4, 2017

More work needs to be done before a new DM&M formula becomes a reality in Niagara Diocese.

Through DM&M (Diocesan Mission and Ministry), parishes make a contribution to the work of the wider church at the diocesan, national and international levels.

The DM&M Committee, chaired by the Reverend Richard Moorse, decided not to proceed with a motion slated for presentation at the 2016 Synod.

Instead, an explanation of the history, rationale and recommended proposals were presented with detailed information for the Synod delegates.

During the past two years the Committee examined the present situation to establish a formula that would bring in the required amount of money needed to support the goals of the vision of Niagara Diocese.

The problems identified in the present method include calculation complications, difficulties for many parishes, not equitable to all parishes and 75% of the submissions from parishes had errors.

From their research and consultations with Canadian Anglican dioceses and private sectors, the Committee proposed changes which would reap benefits for parishes and the diocese.

Simplified calculations, more transparency, reduced inequalities between large and small parishes, faster feedback from the diocese to parishes and the elimination of errors were put forward as solutions the existing problems.

Several weeks before the November Synod, at two pre-synod meetings attended by 145 Synod delegates and other parish representatives, concerns about possible negative effects on large parishes and planned merging of existing parishes were voiced.

In the light of these and other concerns, the DM&M committee decided more work and consultation were warranted before presenting a formal motion to revamp the present practice.

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