On the Way to Bethlehem nativity pageant

Costumed participants with the live donkey. Photo: Submitted
 on October 30, 2018

Andrea Rowbottom

This is the 17th year for On the Way to Bethlehem.

Where would I be without the faithful volunteers (literally hundreds) who willingly take on responsible tasks?

One such volunteer is a member of Grace Church Milton and has been helping and working at various tasks over the years. Most recently, she is coordinator of special personnel.

Bethlehem 3
Zina Yaworski. Photo: Submitted

Zina Yaworski is responsible for contacting and confirming the commitment of our young harpists, the massed choir director, the massed choir that sings to the pleasure of the crowd waiting for their journey to Bethlehem and the school choirs that sing on the porch of the refreshment area each night.

She contacts Petting Pals who provides the animals for the pageant — donkeys, sheep, goats, doves, llama, a little lamb and a camel. These aren’t just any animals — they are special animals trained for TV and film shoots. The sheep and goats are walked on leads about two weeks prior to the pageant, to prepare them to walk with the shepherds and travellers.

Zina also contacts the people at Maplehurst Correctional Centre to arrange for a group of specially selected inmates and their supervisor who come the week prior and the week after the pageant to assist with putting the sets in place and packing them away.

Heavy work indeed! Without their hard work the continuation of the pageant would not be possible.

Bethlehem 1
Costumed participants with the live donkey. Photo: Submitted

We are blessed to have so many people giving their time and talents to keep Christ in Christmas for our nearly 4,500 visitors each year.

We invite you to come and experience On the Way to Bethlehem, Friday, November 30th, Saturday, December 1st and Sunday December 2nd, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Country Heritage Park, 8560 Tremaine Road, Milton.

More information is available at onthewaytobethlehem.ca

Andrea Rowbottom is a member of Grace Church Milton

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