Our Jesus is Come

Photo: Rob Park
 on January 6, 2017

by Rebecca Clifford

Who were the magi? What gifts do they bring,
Priceless and rare, befitting a king?
Why did they journey ever so far?
Why did they choose to follow a star?

What made them determine that He was the Prince?
What made them so sure? What would convince?
When were they certain that He was the One?
When did they know that He was God’s Son?

Who made them kneel? A babe in the straw?!
Who made them worship with reverence and awe?
Isaiah foretold the birth of this King!
Child of Man, Son of God, of whom we do sing!

The kings read and learned, and watched for a sign
That marked His arrival – to save yours and mine,
To save all our children, forgive all wrongs done,
To save earth and heaven, our Jesus has come!

(Epiphany—January 6—commemorates the visit of the magi or kings or astronomers to the stable in Bethlehem, where the star had led them to bring gifts to newly born Jesus.)

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