Praying for someone

photo: Rob Park
 on May 8, 2018

by Rebecca Clifford

I’ll keep this meeting short and sweet. I won’t tie up the lines.
I’ll make my case, swift and fleet … Now I must clear my mind,
And concentrate on things that matter … If I could shake You by the collar
And say, “Stop the noise and idle chatter!!”, stare You in the eye and holler
“Other things can be deferred!”
For I must be heard, I must be heard,
I’m praying for someone.

Silence the bells and the gong, quiet all the senseless dins,
Keep them down where they belong and listen as my plea begins …
To be silent in this moment, to touch a heart, a soul,
To manage a miracle for a friend, a sister, a mother, a daughter, a wife’s the goal.
For better news, I would have preferred —
So I must be heard, I must be heard!
I’m praying for someone.

Please take away the fear and pain, let the years be bright and golden.
Bring the laughter back again and I’ll forever be beholden.
Whatever You desire or ask of me, I’ll gladly, eagerly do
No matter how hard or great the task. Such bargaining’s not new to You
Though it may sound absurd,
But I must be heard, I must be heard …
I’m praying for someone.

Let heaven listen now to only my selfishness –
Answer me, and make it quick, and let the answer be ‘yes’!
Whatever need be undertaken to make it go away
The cost is slight compared to the value of each day.
When You said, “I shall comfort those who come to me with cares”,
I took to heart Your every word.
Now, dear Lord, I must be heard,
I must be heard, I must be heard —
I’m praying for someone.

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