Program Consultant hired

 on March 28, 2019

Deirdre Pike becomes the Program, Social Justice and Outreach Consultant (half-time position) for Niagara Diocese.

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Deirdre Pike.  Photo: submitted

Her role is to equip and animate individuals and parishes of Niagara to engage in God’s mission of justice and compassion, supporting ministries and diocesan priorities in solidarity with those who are marginalized and oppressed, and in collaboration with community leaders and partners.

A person of deep faith, Deirdre Pike bears witness to the gospel through her steadfast, persistent and passionate commitment to God’s justice. 

She is a leading voice in Ontario when it comes to income disparity, rural poverty, social assistance reform, living wage, basic income and precarious employment. 

Deirdre is also a respected and popular educator in 2SLGBTQ+ inclusion. 

Deirdre has been a Senior Social Planner for over a decade with the Social Planning and Research Council of Hamilton (SPRC). There she facilitated community responses, both charitable and policy-driven, to the social trends and issues of the day, particularly related to poverty elimination, affordable housing and homelessness, healthy development of children and youth, and equity and inclusion.

A past speaker at Niagara’s annual clergy and licensed lay workers’ conference, Deirdre was also a facilitator at the diocesan Community Justice Camp, as well as a regular animator of faith-based organizations in Hamilton and beyond. 

Deirdre is a well-known advocate to many in our social justice network.

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