Sarah (Sarai)

 on March 27, 2017

Sarah (Sarai)
Genesis Ch. 12, 17, 18, 23

Sarah, Abraham’s wife, was known for her beauty and faith.

We meet Sarah (princess) when her father-in-law Terah and family left their home in Ur of the Chaldeans to travel to Haran.

She was childless.

After Abraham’s encounter with God, she moved from Haran—with her husband’s family—to an unknown land, Canaan.

There, Abraham received God’s promise that his descendants would inherit the land (12:7).

When Abraham was 100 and Sarai 90, God changed Sarai’s name to Sarah, blessed her and called her a mother of nations.

God confirmed Sarah would have a son (17:16).

At this news Abraham fell on his face and laughed. Sarah also laughed that in her old age she would have “pleasure” (18:12).

They named him Isaac (child of promise), meaning “(God) is laughing (now).”

At age 127, Sarah died and was buried in a cave in Canaan (23:1, 19).

Sarah is named with heroes of the faith (Hebrews 11:11), and as an example of a holy women (1 Peter 3).

She had become the mother of a multitude.

Shirley Kitchen, Milton.

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