Song of the Grand Returns!

 on January 24, 2023

“The team behind Song of the Grand have created a touching and memorable musical story which every audience can relate to. It was a joy to work with such a dedicated and professional group. I highly recommend this production to you!”

—Lianne Tan, Music Director, West Plains United Church, Burlington.


Song of the Grand is a story of two friends caught up in the turbulent years of World War II. David and Michael have just married their childhood sweethearts, Joan and Mary. David and Michael join with the Allied forces and find themselves in dangerous situations fighting overseas. David is in the merchant marines and Michael is a pilot with the Royal Canadian Air Force.

The powerful story is told by four performers through narration and song. The narrator is Canon Bob Brownlie; the pianist, Brahm Goldhamer; the soprano, Iris Rodrigues; and the baritone, George Hall.

During this time many small airfields across Canada were training locations for Canadian, British, and American pilots. Michael trained at one of these airfields, located in the small town of Dunnville, situated along the Grand River at the mouth of Lake Erie.

Song of the Grand has been performed in churches and community halls for 12 years, and many charities have benefitted from the free performance. All that is required is a small area, usually at the front of the church, and a paying audience. Host churches have often offered refreshments with the entrance ticket price. Some World War II-themed dinners, accompanied by photos and displays of Word War II, have been very memorable.

Song of the Grand‘s last performance before the pandemic was in Oakville on November the 12th, 2019. The performers are back in performance mode and are ready to begin again!

For inquiries or bookings, contact [email protected].

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