on March 9, 2017

Daniel 13 (online or certain Bibles)

Unfortunately, not all versions of the Bible have the story of Susannah, which can be found in chapter 13 of the Book of Daniel from the Old Testament.

Susannah’s story is one everyone should read at least once.

It is the story of a beautiful, wise and married young woman who has two lustful old men attempting to seduce her.

When she does not fall for their seduction, they threaten her, stating they will perjure testimony against her. If she refuses them, she will be sentenced to death for committing adultery.

Susannah did not falter. She was faithful to her marriage and morals.

When accused, she does not justify herself; she turns to God for justice.

Justice is served.

Susannah is set free.

The two men are put to death.

Susannah’s faith is unwavering.

Her commitment to her spouse and God was unyielding.

Pray during Lent, during times of trial, that if we are questioned, accused or tempted we will have Susannah’s faith, virtue and commitment to our spouses or loved ones, as well as to God.

Jody Balint, Waterdown.

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