Synod Delegates Reflect

 on January 4, 2021

Sue Thibodeau, St. John’s, Port Dalhousie

A Zoom version of Synod—not what I was looking forward to on the morning of November 7th. But that’s not how I felt at adjournment! I felt invigorated, optimistic, full of hope and proud. And this is why: the warm assistance given to those needing help to sign in, the fascinating video-clips of the territorial acknowledgement and ministry moments, and the wide variety of contributors who presented our finances and lead us in worship gave me confidence and assurance that, despite the Pandemic, the diocese was there humanely doing its work. 

What remains with me even now is the Bishop’s Charge. “It’s going to be all right” began and ended her calming but powerful message. The idea that “crisis can be an accelerator” leading to many aspects of our mission being “beautifully different” reflects what’s happening in our parish. Diocesan support through managing Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy applications, offering technology grants, and providing a Pandemic Response Fund positively impact St John’s. And in light of our diocesan collective mission, St. John’s outreach ministry will now include donations to the Migrant Farmworkers’ Ministry to help three neighbouring parishes in the Niagara Peninsula in their important work. 

At the end of synod, I truly felt that the diocesan budget and our Mission Action Plan revealed “proof we’re in this together.”

Carey dePass, Grace Church, Milton

I felt very proud to be a member of the Anglican Church after attending the 2020 virtual synod meeting. Who said that Anglicanism is dead in Canada? There were over 200 attendees for a church business meeting on a Saturday!! Where there is interest and participation, this is the sign of a living, growing organization!!

Bishop Bell’s charge was inspiring and gave us faith in the future but also clearly spelled out the leadership challenges facing the Diocese of Niagara caused by the COVID-19 crisis. 

The technology and video techniques were equal to any other private sector or governmental organization. The meeting was run according to accepted rules of order in an orderly, smooth fashion.  Elections were conducted beforehand, and votes were conducted with voter ID security in mind.  The attendees were patient when glitches occurred and participated when opinions were sought.

Well done and well-organized Diocese of Niagara staff!

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