The Bleeding Woman

 on March 30, 2017

The Bleeding Woman
Mark 5:25-34

The Bible isn’t shy about delicate details.

This woman is sick, poor and desperate.

Flipping to Leviticus (15:25-30) we learn bleeding was considered unclean. In addition to health concerns, she is required to live her life separate from other people. She suffers for 12 long years.

One day she encounters Jesus and her life is completely changed.

After she touches his cloak and is healed, Jesus could keep on going. Crowds are pressing around, hustling him to his next appointment. He stops, turns around and seeks her out. When she finally confesses what she did, Jesus doesn’t remind her of strict Levitical laws; instead he calls her “Daughter”.

This is the God we follow.

A God who wants us to look at him, know him, get close to him. To see and be seen. To know and be known. In doing so, we too have our lives transformed.

This is why this woman‘s story is so compelling.

In a few short lines we may know a lot about her, but we know even more about God.

Jennifer Stevens, Oakville.

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