The dynamic music ministry duo: Infinitely More

 on December 2, 2016

by Doreen M. McFarlane

Church of the Incarnation Oakville: Infinitely More with Rector Michael Patterson and Music Director Charlene Pauls.

There can be little doubt music enhances worship, but it is also true music, beautifully presented, can BE worship.

This is the case with the dynamic duo—Infinitely More —whose voices blend in perfect harmony. Allison Lynn and Gerald Flemming have been married and singing together for 10 years. Although deeply rooted in the Anglican Church, their music ministry is ecumenical and appeals to all ages. Their popularity is growing within Niagara region and throughout Canada: travelling over 40,000 km annually in every province.

Their name, Infinitely More, is inspired by Ephesians 3:20. The passage is well known from the closing prayer of our Communion service, “Glory to God, whose power, working in us, can do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine.”

The couple is part of World Vision Artist Collective, artists of various genres working to overcome poverty and injustice worldwide.

Last summer, in order to reach out to their new home area of St. Catharines and support their new World Vision ministry, they offered a series of freewill offering concerts to churches in Niagara Diocese. Churches hosting concerts included St. John’s Campbellville, St. George’s St. Catharines, St. Christopher’s Burlington, Church of the Incarnation Oakville and Church of the Epiphany Oakville.

Over a dozen children were sponsored through these concerts!

St. George’s St. Catharines: Infinitely More with Rector Martha Tatarnic, Gordon Tatarnic, Cecilia Tatarnic and planning committee members Sharon Vermolen and Charles Burton.

They lived in Nashville for three years, singing worship music with a unique blend of folk, pop, jazz and country. These musical forms now make their way into their original contemporary songs and arrangements of classic hymns.

Allison experienced her initial calling into full-time ministry while visiting Nashville for the first time, and Gerald’s came through his song writing. Along the way, they became aware of God’s plan, and remain open to where God wants them to go next. Making the switch to full-time touring was a huge leap of faith, but “God has been faithful, often in unexpected ways.” They passionately love creating new music, recording, teaching, leading worship and singing concerts.

There are people who love touring and others who do not. This couple loves it! They imagine doing this for many years, expanding their touring base and reaching out to more churches and communities. Allison notes, “There’s nothing like singing in local churches and seeing how that church is serving its own unique community.”

Singing together brings them closer, deepening their connections to God and blessing their married life. They make their best friends through music and creating worship together. Gerald, an accomplished guitar player, sings and writes songs —almost every morning—as a vital part of their ministry. They perform new songs in concerts to see how deeply each one touches the listeners. That kind of response plays a large part in choosing the songs they ultimately decide to record.

So far they have six studio albums, all recorded with the top session players in Nashville.

St. Christopher’s Burlington: Infinitely More with Director of Music Andy Elmhirst.

Infinitely More has received 10 national music awards nominations. Their latest CD, How the Light Gets In, was inspired by real life stories of people they’ve met travelling. Tonight, Everywhere is Bethlehem, their Christmas CD, contains live tracks recorded at a Christmas carol service featuring band, organ, choir and hand bells.

Each month, Infinitely More leads music at Advent Café, the new contemporary Wednesday evening service at St. George’s St. Catharines—their work is appreciated and loved.

This inspiring couple is musically on the rise, both in our Niagara region and throughout Canada! They are continually reaching out to work with more churches. Their personalities are sparkling, their hearts are warm, and their dedication to the work of God is sincere.

You and your church will want to meet and hear Infinitely More.

The Reverend Doreen M. McFarlane, is the Ecumenical Honourary Assistant at St. George’s St. Catharines.

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