The Message of Easter

Photo: Rob Park
 on April 6, 2019

Marie Leone

Surprise, dismay, fear, consternation, joy
— all words to describe the thoughts and feelings
of those who found the tomb of Jesus empty those many years ago.
What folly how could it be? Where had he gone?
Who is responsible? Will we ever see him again?
Oh! the excitement and trepidation of that moment.

Now we know what truly happened and we celebrate
His glorious resurrection dismayed at the thought that His ascension
would forever be a symbol of the powerful message that is Easter.
The blessings bestowed by Jesus during his lifetime continue today
in the celebrations that are part of Easter services throughout
communities of the world.
It is the simplicity of this miracle that lifts our spirit upward in prayer.

Jesus wanted us to live a simple life, a good life, a life of giving,
of thoughtfulness and caring for those less fortunate.
How easy it is to forget these simple ways of living.
Love, pure and simple, in all things – how can anyone doubt
that this is the only way to live fully?
Thank you Jesus, for leaving that earthly tomb and showing us your light.
He is indeed Risen. Hallelujah.

Marie Leone is Office Administrator at The Church of the Ascension Hamilton.

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