The Organist wakes the giant

image: Rob Park
 on March 4, 2019

Marie Leone

Proudly stands the church organ,

its glorious sound echoing through the rafters.

The Organist plies his talents bringing the music

to life with each gentle touch.

There is a majesty in the way the Organist

scales to the heights of heaven and

plunges to the depths of despair.


The music takes on a life of its own,

that reverberates in the heart and soul

of the listener.

Deftly touching each pedal, each key, the player

strokes every note and brings to life the

exciting energy of a composer’s score.

Mozart, Bach, Handel … all reborn and in the hands of a Master.


Who can say why the organ sound is so loved?

It stirs emotion … its powerful energy creates excitement.

Long after the final note is played, it echoes through

the church touching each person’s soul.

It is the Organist who wakes the giant and brings it to life.


Marie Leone is Office Administrator at The Church of the Ascension Hamilton.

Marie wrote, “Here is a poem I wrote about organists inspired by listening to our own John Laing rehearsing in the church during weekdays while I was working in the parish office.”

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