Through a Canadian stained glass window – George Jehoshaphat Mountain

 on October 16, 2017

by Catherine Bell

GeorgeMountainIn the Chapel of the Holy Spirit a stained glass window portrays Bishop George Mountain and his role in the history of the Anglican Church.

The Right Reverend George Jehoshaphat Mountain, son of the first Bishop of Quebec, served as private secretary to his father while he prepared for Holy Orders.

As Archdeacon of Lower Canada he travelled extensively in Quebec, and as far west as Toronto in Upper Canada, serving Bishop James Stewart after the death of his father.

As James aged and grew feeble a coadjutor was needed, so George was consecrated and became the Bishop of Montreal.

After James’ death, George had to take on the duties of the whole Diocese.

In 1839, Upper Canada was taken over by the newly formed Diocese of Toronto.

Afterwards, George devoted his time and energy to Lower Canada.

On his visit to York he urged the immediate adoption of some plan whereby the Church might be supported by voluntary contributions, rather than having to depend upon Government support.

Catherine Bell is a member of the Church of the Ascension Hamilton.

As we celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary, we look back at the role of the church as told through stained glass windows.

The Church of the Ascension Hamilton has 10 stained glass windows in their Chapel of the Holy Spirit dedicated to Canadian Anglican pioneers. For more information about the windows go to

Note cards featuring the historic windows can be purchased through the church.

The Niagara Anglican will feature others in the coming months.

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