To print or not to print – more of your responses

 on February 7, 2019

In the September 2018 Niagara Anglican, the Editor in his HOLLIStorial posed the question: To print or not to print … that’s the answer. So, what was the question?and asked readers to respond.

We printed many responses in our November paper, here are more replies …

More articles from the bishop

In response to your request in the October issue of Niagara Anglican, PLEASE leave well enough alone.  

The Niagara Anglican allows me to know what is going on in the Diocese.  I enjoy your article, as well as Michael Burslem. 

I’m disappointed that we see few articles from our Bishop. Not our current Bishop because she probably has her hands full knowing the operation of the Diocese. However, in the past any article from the Diocesan Bishop were few and far between.  

I subscribe to the Dioceses of Toronto and Huron papers and there always is a message from the Bishop(s). 

I realize you could go online and print the paper, but I like holding the current editions in my hand.  My concern also is for many seniors who do not have computers.  

PLEASE leave things as they are!!

Murray Rathbone, Ancaster.

Ask parishes to do a simple survey

As Chair of Greening Niagara, I suppose you might think I would support the emailing of the Niagara Anglican (NA), but I have concerns that we may lose new readers if the printed copy disappears completely.  The extra copies that we put out at church are usually all taken, presumably by visitors or new members.

I receive email copies of other smaller newsletters and find that I skip some articles, read some only briefly and rarely return for a second reading.  Whereas I often re-read articles in the NA, cut them out for future reference, or scan and send to people who may not be Anglicans.  

If we lose the NA does that mean we lose the Anglican Journal too?  Many of those articles help me to feel connected to national and international stories that I might not bother to read on line.  

My thought would be to kindly ask the parishes in the diocese to do a small study – most of this could be done by email, and for those without a computer a sign-up sheet at church would work.   This might also ensure that new members have been included on the NA mailing list. 

Do you receive the NA?    

a.  If no, do you want to receive a copy?

b.  If yes, do you want to continue receiving the NA?

Would you prefer to receive an electronic version?  Can we let NA know your choice? 

If you don’t already, would you be willing to pay for a printed version?

An advertised recommended monthly donation to cover the printing/postage cost might also be useful to include for a few months in the NA.   

If we are able to have printed copies and email ones, then I think for a few more years this might be the answer to our quandary. It would ensure that older members can continue to feel connected to their church through a printed copy but satisfy the ones who are fully attached to their electronic devices. For the time being count me in with the printed group and I’ll continue to make a monthly contribution.  

Sue Carson, Dundas

Roving reporter suggested

It is a pleasure to read the Niagara Anglican.  

I like the brighter colours and clean layout, and the article lengths are quite ideal.  I enjoy reading about parish activities from across the diocese.  

Perhaps there could be a roving reporter who gets news from each parish on a rotation?

I do like the print version because I can keep it nearby and read it over a period of a few days. With an e-version, it is too easy to forget to go back and finish reading.

Lianne Tan, Oakville

No other choice … drop the printed version  

While I have certain misgivings about rendering an opinion without the benefit of full information (i.e. current mailing costs, monthly circulation within and outside the diocese, the one-time costs of converting from a paper to an electronic version only, the anticipated loss in advertising revenue, etc.), I feel that there is no other choice than to drop the printed version.  

After collecting the e-mail addresses of the electronic subscribers, the monthly publication can also be e-mailed to each of the parishes for computer printing and distribution to members of their congregations who have identified themselves as wanting to receive a hard copy.

At least that is one person’s thoughts on this matter.

John Murphy, Grimsby

Paid subscriptions proposed

I found your article on “to print or not to print” interesting.

What portion of the expenses of the newspaper is covered by subscriptions?

Are subscriptions payments voluntary? If so, then I think it is time that subscribers are charged an appropriate amount to receive the paper.

I like the printed newspaper and I know if it was discontinued I would not read as much of it online.

Mitch Banks, Burlington

Thank you for your responses. We look forward to keeping the conversation going. Send your comments below.

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