Two asks from the Primate

 on April 11, 2019

Hollis Hiscock

The Primate, Archbishop Fred Hiltz, is asking Anglicans across Canada to do two things: to catch the heartbeat of the Anglican Church of Canada and to pray for the upcoming General Synod.

The Heartbeat of the Church   

During the 125th anniversary of the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada, Archbishop Fred is asking church people to come together, form conversation circles, and join in dialogue, prayer and reflection. 

Here are some questions he suggested:

  • What is the heartbeat of the church? 
  • Are we in sync with the gospel we are called to embody? 
  • In what do we rejoice? 
  • Over what must we repent? 
  • To what should we aspire? 

Prayers for General Synod

The Primate is also asking for your prayers for the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada meeting July 10-16, 2019 in Vancouver, British Columbia.  

You are asked to pray for the election and installation of the new Primate to succeed Archbishop Fred, as well as for many other issues to be decided by delegates from all dioceses across Canada.

The Very Reverend Peter Wall, Dean of Christ’s Church Cathedral, is Chair of General Synod Planning Committee. Niagara Diocese will be represented by Bishop Susan and a team of clergy and lay people.

The Niagara Anglican would like to share your individual or group responses, both to the heartbeat of the church and General Synod. Send your letters and articles to the Editor.

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