A Gift Divine

photo: Rob Park
 on December 12, 2016

by Victoria Baldwin

Into a world that’s lost, drowning in night
Is born a child, a beacon of hope and light
In a lowly manger, beneath a star
The baby sleeps, while others travel from afar
As gifts are bestowed, the angels sing
Celebrating the life of a newborn King
Born in a stable, a humble start
For a Savior who came to touch each heart
Though centuries have passed since that bless’ed day
Each year we celebrate that baby in the hay
We celebrate this precious gift of love
The divine human who was sent from above
Within so many hearts, His light does shine
We share His love, both tender and divine
May we always treasure His gift sublime
Remembering as we celebrate Christmas time.

The Gift of Christmas

by Victoria Baldwin

Decking the halls and singing out songs
Everyone shopping in multiple throngs
People lose sight of the season’s true meaning
Caught up as they are in the glistening and gleaming
It’s a time to be with family in love and joy
Celebrating the birth of Mary’s little boy
So forget about all of the glittering things
And remember the gifts that Jesus brings
Peace, love and joy to each open heart
Hope, that from Him, we’ll never depart
So remember Christmas as a gift pure and true
And open yourself up, and let the Spirit fill you.


by Victoria Baldwin

It’s a time of joy and caring
It’s a time for peace and sharing
And every single loving heart
Shines its brightest from the start
Voices sing out in the night
Singing songs of hope and light
Though some may only think of gifts
Most will notice how their spirits lift
It’s a time when people are at their best
Showing love, compassion and all the rest
It’s a time when the city is all aglow
And the rooftops and ground are dusted with snow
But more important than the garland, gifts or trees
Is the time spent with family and the memories
So through this season of love and giving
Remember to enjoy the spirit of living

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