• Max Woolaver

    The Venerable Max Woolaver is rector of St. Andrew's, Grimsby. He is also an avid singer/songwriter as well as a retreat leader. Max was ordained in the Diocese of Niagara in 1986 and received his M.Div. from Wycliffe College, University of Toronto; he also studied at the Shalem Institute of Spiritual Formation.


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The Power of Extraordinary Love

“What extraordinary love can emerge from so much death? And yet, Noah, at this moment, knows, as no one has before him, that he is

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Seeing and Seeing Again

“God does not wait until we die to begin this process of opening to the full vista of God’s Glory awaiting us beyond the veil

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The Church of the Outsider

Her wooden yardstick measured things precisely. She moved methodically around each corner with practised ease — touching here, tugging there. Even though she was far away, it

Before the Origin of the Universe

Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going? Paul Gauguin Elephants communicate with each other below the range of human hearing.

More Than Stars in the Universe

As human beings, we need to be open to the hungers of our soul. We need to be brave enough to turn toward the infinite

Transforming Prayer

When Jesus speaks of himself as “the Way, the Truth and the Life” we would not be far wrong to be hearing him say “I


The first step to God is always a question. It is always a question that opens the door; one thinks of the many questions in

Primary Hungers

The call of God comes to you as the primary hunger of your heart. All our primary hungers originate in God’s hunger for our happiness.

Below the Surface of the Wilderness

In the nighttime when you are searching for answers, Yahweh comes to you. When you stretch out your arms and offer up broken phrases of

Baptising God

Humans are curious creatures. And by ‘curious’ I mean odd. Endowed with remarkable powers of observation and rational power, humans often refuse to be either

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The Third Day’s Mind

This writing is dedicated to the memory of two men. The first on my mind is Randal, who was struck by a car when he

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Candles the colour of honey flickered silently on either side of the low passage to the burial chamber. Bowing to enter, we three then stood

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Broken Authority

Lent is a time for tracking thoughts to their origin. This ‘tracking’ can take us across surprising ground. Sometimes the hunt begins with an interruption.

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