Anglican Foundation Releases New Book on Generosity Tailored for Children and Youth

 on February 3, 2021

“Nurturing generous-hearted living may be one of the greatest things we can do for young people,” says Judy Rois, Executive Director, Anglican Foundation of Canada. After launching AFC’s Generosity podcast in 2020, Canon Rois is deepening this theme in 2021, with her latest children’s book, Generous People are Everywhere.

“This book asks simple but pointed questions such as: What is generosity? What does generosity look like? Are generous people happier?” says Rois. “These questions are really meant to be a starting point for a broader discussion. We want young people to think about generosity as a way of life: how the spirit of giving flows in them and through them to the wider world.” 

To get the conversation started, Rois is inviting children, families, and youth ministry leaders to consider the book as a small group or home-based study. Rois says the illustrations and text, geared to ages 8–14, make this an excellent choice for Lent. “I can imagine this book being used by families, at meals or other gathering times, to stimulate a conversation about an important spiritual topic that has the potential to be transformational in a child’s life.” 

In addition to encouraging children and youth to read the book, the Foundation wants to include their voices in recorded interviews to be featured in Foundation Forward, a podcast inviting Canadians to talk about generosity. 

Generous People are Everywhere is Canon Rois’ third collaboration with illustrator and artist Michele Nidenoff. It follows on the heels of Children’s Prayers with Hope Bear and Dear God: Prayers for Young Children

To order Generous People are Everywhere, visit the Anglican Foundation of Canada store at:

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