Attend a Cursillo Weekend in April

 on March 4, 2024

Cursillo is a worldwide movement designed with a multi-faceted approach, supporting the participant as they learn, grow, and are strengthened in their Christian faith walk. The more local expression of Cursillo is based in the Dioceses of Niagara and Huron, and has been approved by both Bishop Susan Bell (Niagara) and Bishop Todd Townshend (Huron).

The experience begins with the live-in 2 and a half day weekend including talks on the Christian life, table discussions, prayer, lots of singing, fellowship, and good food, enabling participants to enhance their faith path in the company of other participants and sup- portive leaders. Prior to the actual weekend, potential participants may be identified, and must be sponsored to the weekend by a person (priest or lay) who has participated in a Cursillo weekend, and who will commit to ongoing support. The weekend is a wonderful opportunity to begin to build a wider faith community—one which continues well beyond the Cursillo weekend itself.

Subsequent to the weekend, a variety of group events offer the participant, now called a “Cursillista,” a variety of events that continue and strengthen the Christian journey. These include day-long gatherings with speakers and discussion time, group reunions—called “Ultreyas,” a word used by Spanish pilgrims to encourage one another on their pilgrimage—and small, more local informal group reunions giving everyone an opportunity to share joys and sorrows, prayers, and mutual support. Most of these post-weekend events can also be attended online via Zoom.

The word “Cursillo” (Cur-see-o) means “course” and gives a nod to the Spanish roots of the now worldwide movement. However, it is much more than a “one-off” weekend course; in the broader sense of the word “course,” it refers to a “run” or a trajectory, from the initial weekend experience through the rest of one’s life.

The next weekend hosted by Niagara Huron Anglican Cursillo is planned for April 12-14, 2024 at Mount Mary Retreat Centre in Ancaster. Since attendance at a Cursillo weekend depends on sponsorship, those who have already been on a weekend should consider approaching someone they feel may benefit from attending one. If you have not attended a weekend and are interested, you may seek out a sponsor in your own parish; ask your parish priest or contact the Cursillo Secretariat through Ongoing dialogue including the parish priest as well as the potential sponsor Photo: Emily Hill and candidate/participant goes a long way to ensuring a positive experience.

The Niagara-Huron Anglican Cursillo is led by Lay Director Tim Standish and Spiritual Director Shirl Christian, who both were commissioned into their positions by Bishop Susan Bell (Niagara) and Bishop Todd Townshend (Huron). Additional leadership is provided by a Secretariat elected by members from both dioceses. Cursillo has the strong support of our Bishops and Primate— Archbishop Linda has attended a weekend!

The Cursillo method strengthens and equips Christians to, as the Mission Statement suggests, Make a friend, be a friend, and bring a friend to Christ. For further information about Niagara Huron Anglican Cursillo, check our website at

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