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 on March 31, 2017

I always have a good look at your Niagara Anglican when I receive my bundle of papers because I am very much in learning mode when it comes to newspapers, and yours is one of the very best.

I was particularly pleased to read an article on page 9 of your March issue, written by Sheila van Zandwyk, regarding a toy drive.

On page 7 of the March issue of the Northland is an article which compliments it. This was written by the Reverend Catherine Murkin—someone whom I regard as a friend.

My wife and I drop in on the LivingRoom in Schumacher most Wednesdays on our way home to Porcupine.

I happened to be present just after the toys arrived.

Send my compliments on to Sheila van Zandwyk.

The March issue of the Northland should appear on the diocesan website of Moosonee ( in the near future so she can see something relating to her efforts.

George Cribbs
Editor, Northland
Paper for Moosonee Diocese

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