Brock University Chaplain is new Consulting Executive Director of Westar Institute

David Galston. Photo: submitted
 on April 7, 2017

by Donald Brown

Brock University Ecumenical Chaplaincy (BUEC), St. Catharines, was founded in the 1980s by the Anglican, Presbyterian and United Churches of the Niagara area through their respective regional governing bodies.

Until 2013, the position of chaplain was full time, but due to limitations in institutional funding, it was reduced to part time in 2013.

Ever resourceful, BUEC’s board secured special grants from Niagara Diocese and the Niagara Presbytery to support a part time Student Program Director for the past three years.

David Galston. Photo: submitted

The current half-time Chaplain, the Reverend Doctor David Galston, also has done contract work as Academic Director with Westar Institute. Due to the retirement of the present Executive Director, the Board of Westar approached David about increasing his involvement with the Institute.

Westar, founded in 1986, is a prestigious international non-profit, public-benefit, research and educational organization that bridges the gap between scholarship about religion and the perception of religion in popular culture.

In pursuit of its mission Westar conducts collaborative, cumulative research in the academic study of religion, addressing issues, questions and controversies that are important both to the academic community and to the general public.

It also communicates the results of its research in non-technical terms, equipping the general public with tools to critically evaluate competing claims in the public discussion of religion.

The Board of Directors of BUEC are pleased to announce that David has accepted a part time appointment as Consulting Executive Director of Westar. Although Westar is headquartered in Oregon, many of David’s duties can be carried out electronically from his home office in Hamilton.

We are pleased that, when coupled with chaplaincy work at Brock, David has the equivalent of a full-time position with related benefits and wish him well in continuing his work at Brock University and Westar Institute.

Donald Brown is Treasurer of the Brock University Ecumenical Chaplaincy Committee.

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