Camp Artaban—reunion and thanksgiving service planned

Photo by Marcin Chady
 on October 10, 2017

No, this isn’t a picture of Camp Artaban! These huts have doors and real windows—unlike the brown huts campers stayed in—but it does capture the peace of a summer camp like Artaban.

For over 50 years, the Board of Directors of Camp Artaban, Ancaster, has met annually to disperse the funds accumulating from the sale of the property in 1967 to the Hamilton Conservation Authority.

When camping was no longer feasible on this site, the interest from the sale of the property went to other Christian camps and Anglican parishes in Niagara Diocese to subsidize their campers. So for more than 50 years, the original sale price of $25,000 has generated approximately $180,000 to enable about 2,000 children to enjoy the experience of camping. Sadly, the time has come to close the bank account, following the 2019 camping season.

Although Camp has closed, its spirit has never left the lives of people affected by Artaban’s values of self-sacrifice and the love of one’s neighbour. Its emphasis on team work and the spirit of volunteerism live on in the lives of countless thousands of people.

Through six decades, reunions have occurred regularly, formally and informally, honouring the precious part of what has shaped peoples’ lives.

Two more formal reunions will be occurring.

Since the Board of Directors will no longer have a reason to exist after the fiscal year of 2019, there are two events planned to gather those interested.

People are invited to attend the first of these, a service of Thanksgiving, on Sunday, November 5, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. at the Church of St. John the Evangelist, 320 Charlton Avenue West, Hamilton. This date coincides with the Feast of All Saints, so the focus will be one of thanksgiving for over 80 years of life inspired by Camp Artaban. After the service, there will be a lunch with soup and sandwiches. There is no cost to attend but the planners want to know for how many to prepare. There will be an indoor campfire during the afternoon. The day will conclude at 4:00 p.m. If people still have Camp Artaban memorabilia (sweatshirts, photos, candlestick, badges, etc.), consider bringing it to engender conversation and make memories for others.

The second event to honour the camping spirit of Camp Artaban awaits its final campfire sometime in late 2019.


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