Can we make the needs known?

 on August 29, 2017

Thank you for continuing to highlight the efforts being made across the diocese to reach out to neighbours who could use a hand right now.

As a parishioner of Christ’s Church Cathedral, I’m privileged to take our community’s donations to the food bank at St. Matthew’s House each week.

On one of these little excursions, I asked if there were any particular items in low supply.
“Larger size diapers, canned fruit and canned meat,” was the reply.

By the next visit, all those supplies were in the weekly delivery!

Since then it’s a pattern to ask monthly about what’s needed, and in a most miraculous and generous way, the goods appear!

Our Christian communities are full of generous people who look for ways to help effectively.

Is there a way for the Niagara Anglican to publish the information on specific needs each month, or is there some other vehicle which all our parishes receive that could keep us up to date and focused on potential gaps in giving?

Jennifer Street

Editor’s reply: Since the needs are immediate and the paper requires a long lead time before it is printed, the Niagara Anglican would not be a good choice. Asking locally sounds like a good solution in making the needs known to parishes and other local groups.

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