Christmas wishes

 on December 3, 2018

Helen Wortman, Stoney Creek

It’s nice to remember Christmas and Santa and snow
Gifts and parties and friends that we know.
The hot turkey dinner and to family we go
We greet all our friends and our families with love
But do you remember our Saviour above
We forget it’s his birthday we celebrate too.
We’re too busy thinking of things we must do.
We can celebrate in prayer and by singing his praises
And by knowing thy neighbour from here and afar.
Pray for each other and wish on a star
Be friends with each other, be helpful and kind
Doing these things with his birthday in mind.
If you continue to follow these simple things year after year
Then you might continue all the year through
Attend a church of your choice
Find a seat in the pew.
He’ll be happy you did for God sure loves you
Your Christmas will be jolly
Your other days too.
Forever peace in the world
Would be wonderful too.

So, Christmas brings memories.
Snowflakes, Christmas carols and
Cards to the north pole
Merry Christmas to all
And may the Lord love your soul.

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