Church building needs a new roof

 on February 9, 2019

Judy Rois

All Saints’ Church is in Dain City, a small suburb in the southernmost part of Welland, Ontario, built for and by the Marshall Dain Manufacturing Company (John Deere), the area’s main employer.


In this small suburb, All Saints’ is the only building used for Christian worship in the community. While small, it is most certainly vital. 

As hospitality is central to the parish mission, it opens its doors as a place for food collections, for worship, as a gathering place for household items for refugees and community services. 

The parish has a strong commitment to social justice, inclusion, environmental integrity and peace, making it a welcoming community in the area.

According to Niagara’s Bishop Susan Bell, “the parish is working hard at fostering relationships and filling the role of an established community hub for both faith groups and various programs and user groups”.

Well, the current roof of All Saints’ is showing its age, with a need for a replacement of the shingle roof and eavestrough.

While a roof or eavestrough may not rouse excitement or delight in the mind of most, imagine a church without a roof. 

No roof, no people.

The Anglican Foundation of Canada (AFC) understands the need for infrastructure repair, maintenance and renovation. While it fosters and cultivates innovative ministries throughout the country, it knows very well that without safe spaces to worship, pray and gather, it may not gather at all. And so, AFC was pleased to offer a grant toward this project.

The Reverend Canon Judy Rois is Executive Director of the Anglican Foundation of Canada. 

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